The above quote is taken from the ancient Chinese text known as the Huang Di Nei Jing.


“If there is free flow, there is no pain; if there is pain, there is lack of free flow.”

HOW can you keep your free flow/life force flowing!

The answer; don’t block your flow!

Living the “way” and cultivating the balance of yin and yang flowing unobstructed  in the body and mind is key.

Each week I will be sharing teaching of TCM that will help  to keep your qi/life force flowing.

Intentional breath practices can go a long way to keeping your qi flowing.

I like to think that I am micro dosing myself with increased oxygen and healing qi.

Qi gong a TCM practice  has many breath patterns for cultivating  a strong life force.

XiXi Hu breathing; Breath in twice, first into the  lower level of lungs and then into the upper level of the lungs. After 2 deeps breaths, exhale through the nose or mouth.

Breath in through the nose (twice) and exhale though the nose or mouth once.

This practice is best done for 2 to 5 mins.  You can perform seated or standing.  Maintain a slower rhythm to activate the (yin) parasympathetic nervous system.  Maintain a more vigorous rhythm to activate the (yang) sympathetic nervous system. In the morning, activate the yang energy with faster breathing rhythm. In the evening, go for a slower more calming breathing rhythm to active the yin energy.

This breathing pattern benefits are;

Creating more lung capacity with the 2 deep expansive breaths

Clearing and releasing more toxicity from the body with the full exhalation

Supports immune function

Calms and balances the nervous system

Reduces stress and anxiety

Keeps the body and mind in free flow