Gua Sha

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is a traditional technique in Chinese medicine that utilizes a small medical board to massage the body, especially the face. It is used to increase microcirculation, promote lymphatic drainage, and flush toxins from the body and face. Gua sha therapy can also improve the body’s immune response and nervous system functions, as well as effectively reduce inflammation, pain, muscle tension, and stiffness. 


How do you do it?

  • Start with a clean face and a nourishing oil.
  •   Use a light and gentle pressure that doesn’t drag the skin.
  •   Hold the jade gua sha tool at a 15-degree angle from the skin.
  •   Begin press stroking using a unidirectional angle.
  •   Press stroke 5 to 8 times before moving on to the next area.
  •   The technique can be applied 2 to 3 times weekly, but shouldn’t be done on any broken skin or sunburns.
  • Remember to clean your gua sha tool after each use by using a disinfectant, soaking it for 30 minutes in hydrogen peroxide, and then washing it in warm soapy water before towel drying.