About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM is one of the oldest written medical system that has been used for thousands of years to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. This healing system is based on the Chinese philosophy, of the interconnectedness between the natural world and human beings.

 The theories of yin and yang, five elements (wood, fire, metal, water and earth), qi (life force) as well as using differentiation of symptoms-complexes and patterns of disharmony are the basis in diagnosing and treatment of disease in TCM. Disease and disharmony of body, mind or spirit is the direct result from the lack of the free flow of qi  (vital life force) in one or more of the systems.

 The qi (vital life force) flows along meridians (channels) in the body and keeps spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health in balance within.

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on restoring the balance and harmony between the natural opposing forces of yin and yang. The free flow of yin and yang can become blocked which can be a causative factor of how disharmony or disease can arise in the body. Supporting healthy qi flow (vital live force) is the basis of TCM.

The Therapeutic methods of Traditional Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, diet, herbal therapy, meditation, physical exercise, and massage (tui-ni).


Four Key TCM Principles


  1. The body is an integrated whole.

    Every system in the body is integrally and miraculously interconnected. The body, mind and spirit are powered by qI ( vital life force) effecting how each system function as a whole. When qi or life force is in free flow health wellness flourishes. It is when the Qi or life force is lacking in free flow that disease arises.Supporting a healthy life force is a key factor in TCM. The choices that are made with respect to diet, exercise, stress reduction, sleep and developing loving connections to family and friends are the true path to health.

  2. We are integrally connected to nature. 

    Changes in nature have impact on our health and well-being. TCM encourages us to live in harmony with the cycle of nature for maintaining robust health of body, mind and spirit. Each season has an underlying principle that gives guidance in making optional lifestyle choices that support optimal health for all stages of life

  3. We all have a natural ability for self-healing.  

    Nature has a regenerative capacity, and so do we. At times this ability may appear to be lost or difficult to access, but when we truly listen to our bodies the information is available. We have a “knowing” ability to work with our regenerative, inner healing abilities.

  4. Prevention is the best cure. 

    Our body and mind continually revealing signs about the state of your health? It’s common to ignore these signs or symptoms until something more complicated arises. TCM teaches you how to interpret what your body is telling you. Living in balance is the very basis of this ancient medicine.